VFX & Particles Artist

On Location

We are looking for a highly talented and experienced VFX Artist to join our team.
The primary role of this position is to create stunning visual effects for our project, ensuring that all effects meet the art direction requirements of the game.

The main and routine tasks of this position are:
Creating a wide range of VFX to support the various aspects of our games.
Generating environmental, impact and spot effects to further enhance the realism and visual quality of the game.
Supporting the lighting of our environments.
Collaborating with other disciplines such as lighting and environment artists, graphics programmers and level designers to create a AAA game experience.

A strong portfolio of work which demonstrates the ability to create visually impressive VFX which are sympathetic to the needs of the product.
A good understanding of physical behaviour and motion in the creation of VFX.
An industry-standard real-time particle editor UNITY.

We’d be especially impressed by:
Experience with After Effects and previsualization tools.

You need to have:
A drive to constantly push art quality and try out new ideas.
A highly positive and proactive work ethic.
Excellent communication, presentation, and negotiation skills.

You also need to be:
Flexible and open-minded
Determined and self-motivated
Prepared to rise to a challenge
Obsessed with quality
Team focused
Creative and innovative
If you gather the requirements and you are interested in joining our team, contact us at sending your resume and a short introduction. SUBJECT: FEG VFX.

Contact us if you want to know more!